1. What are your prices?

Our prices vary. Many of the following factors are considered:

a. How many Cast horses

b. How many ND horses (ND = nondescript)

c. Types of wagons, buggies, stagecoaches, and/or carriages

d. Do you want teams, 4-ups, 6-ups or 8-ups

d. Locations

e. How many horse days

f.  How many man days

We break down scripts and prepare budgets from our breakdown.


2. Is safety important to you?

Yes, many years of experience choreographing stunts with stunt coordinators that look great and are safe for Cast and Crew is our number one priority. Following the Humane Society regulations, we ensure that all livestock remains safe and sound.


3. Do you have transportation?

Yes, we have horse trailers, flat bed trailers, trucks, and tack trailers. We can transport as many horses and/or wagons, and temporary corrals you will need.


4. What kind of tack do you have?

We have current-day western and English tack, we have western saddles, bridles, side saddles, and harness with a look for the 1800s, and various specialty tack (Indian tack, science fiction tack).


5. What is a team, 4-up, 6-up, 8-up etc...?

A team is a pair of horse (matching or not), a 4-up is two pair of horse harnessed and hooked to a wagon, a 6-up is three pair of horses harnessed and hooked to a wagon and so on...


6. Can you supply other livestock besides horses and mules?

Yes, we have dairy and range cattle, goats, sheep, and chickens. We do not supply domestic and exotic animals, for any inquiries please refer to Gentle Jungle for more information.


7. Do you use your own employees?

We use union teamsters and guild members, who we know can perform their duties safely for horse and rider.


8. Do you work with production and their budgets?

Yes, we know time is money. We come to work prepared and with “in top” condition equipment.


9. How much experience do you have?

This is a fourth generation livestock barn. We have over 65 years of motion picture experience between family wranglers. This experience is practical ranching, not just in the movies!

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